La SalicorneÎles de la madeleine, Québec

The Islands and the Madelinots
The folks from here
Louise Hébert
« Here, I cook the same as if I was home so that you may taste the great recipes of the Islands »

Water Excursions


A unique activity! Wiih a wetsuit, a life jacket and a helmet,  discover the surface caves that have been shaped by the oceans waves.

TYPE OF EXCURSIONS depending on Mother Nature's mood  :

  • Exploration excursion : For everyone
  • Sportif excursion : Extreme sport
  • A wave of adventure : With strong winds, for everyone

Duration : 2h30
Difficulty : From intermediate to good physical condition. To do this activity, you must be 14 years of age and older.
Available : Each day from late-June to mid-September.

 Regular cost taxes not included                        $59
 Package advantage (minimum of 3 nights)    $30

Available on reservation only.

The Kayaks
MAGICAL! An accessible activity within the heart of a breathtaking scenery. An easy-to-use boat.

TYPES OF EXCURSIONS depending on Mother Nature's mood:
  • KAYAK EXCURSION: Exceptional excursion along the red cliffs of Old Harry. Along the run: birds, seals and the immensity of the Old Harry beach.
  • SURF KAYAK INITIATION: The extraordinary feeling of surfing the waves.

Duration : 2h30
Difficulty : Intermediate. To do this activity, you must be 14 years of age or older.
Availability : End of June to mid-September

Regular rates taxes not included (TPS / TVQ)        $49
Package advantage (minimum of 3 nights)              $30

On reservation only.  also available as a duo-escapade.

Kayak, pedalboat, canoe, rabaska
AT YOUR OWN RHYTHM... To navigate the Oyster Bay, to go on the beach and discover Boudreau Island, where time stops.

  • Water equipments rental. As a family or with friends, in complete safety.
  • For the families, 3rd embarkation FREE
Rates taxes included

Embarkation                       Hour            3 hours
Kayak (single)                     $15                 $30
Kayak (double)                    $20                 $40
Canoe                                   $12                 $24
Pedalboat                             $12                 $24
Rabaska                               $35                  $70


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