La SalicorneÎles de la madeleine, Québec

The Islands and the Madelinots
The folks from here
Lauréat Déraspe
« I invite you to my Shed to show you how to make a lobster trap. I await your arrival to tell you of my fishing tales! »

Beaches and Cliffs

In the eastern part of the Islands, you will discover breathtaking landscapes composed by beaches, sand dunes and cliffs. You must see :

  • The Old Harry beach, a beach known for its its immensity, its sand and its quietness.
  • The Bluff, a lost beach like the one in your dreams (The starting point for the caves excursion).
  • West basin (Bassin-Ouest) and East basin (Bassin-Est) beaches, are sought by shell and rock collectors.
  • The East Point National Wildlife Reserve is a unique landscape formed by mobile dunes, fixed dunes and a forest of stunted trees. Natural beauty guaranteed.
  • Boudreau Island is a place where time stops. A strip of land that extends to the sand dunes and survives the erosion.
  • Oyster Bay (Bassin-aux-Huitres), a secure stretch of water for small boats or crafts, which enters into the ocean.
  • The lagoon, a 50km interior stretch of water which goes as far as House Harbour (Havre-aux-Maison), it is a «day nursery» for lobsters and other marine animals.
East Point reserve Lobster Traps Old Harry Beach
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